Endeavor Logo TealEndeavor UAE is proud to announce that Nathalie Haddad (Right Bite), Ambareen Musa (SouqAlMal.com), and Mohamad Ballout, Bilal Ballout, and Mohamad Khachab (BMB Group) were selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur at the 63rd International Selection Panel (ISP), which was held in Dubai, UAE from March 1st to 3rd. Nathalie, Ambareem, Mohamad, Bilal, and Mohamad join Endeavor UAE’s growing portfolio, now composed of twenty entrepreneurs from fourteen companies. The ISP is the last selection stage to the Endeavor process, where the UAE-based entrepreneurs were five of 35 high-impact entrepreneurs leading 24 companies who were selected at this panel.

Entrepreneur: Nathalie Haddad
Company: Right Bite


Nathalie Haddad of Right Bite

Right Bite, which stemmed from entrepreneur Nathalie Haddad’s career as a dietitian, offers the UAE personalized meal packages that help customers eat and live healthier. Nathalie realized that to implement her health advice, her clients needed healthy meal options not available in the market. Starting in her friend’s café, Right Bite not only has its own commercial kitchen now where it makes personalized meals, but a pre-packaged meal line, an on-demand delivery service, and two small cafés of its own. As the first mover in the market, Right Bite has positioned itself very well for future growth in the healthy eating category, a market that has grown by 20% over the last five years in the Middle East.

Entrepreneur: Ambareen Musa
Company: SouqAlmal.com


Ambareen Musa of SouqAlMal.com

SouqAlmal.com is a comparison website for financial and insurance products that allows consumers to compare over 3,000 products including credit cards, loans, and insurance. With over 50 banks operating in the UAE, finding information to compare financial services can be a stressful task. Banks’ offline marketing practices require consumers to travel from bank to bank for information or receive unsolicited phone calls and visits from sales representatives. SouqAlmal.com’s unbiased information and financial education content empower consumers to make smart decisions. Simultaneously, the site offers a simple customer acquisition tool for banks to reach consumers online and target their marketing spend in a measurable way.


Entrepreneurs: Bilal Ballout, Mohamad Ballout, and Mohamad Khachab
Company: BMB Group


Mohamad Khachab, Bilal Ballout, and Mohamad Ballout of BMB

BMB provides convenient and cost-effective solutions for confection ingredient trading and manufacturing. The company trades confectionery raw materials, manufactures private-labels and produces its own brand of Middle Eastern sweets, Petit Gourmet. Boasting a client roster that includes Emirates Airlines and Carrefour GCC, BMB is the A-to-Z solution for its customers’ every confectionery need. Capitalizing on its existing infrastructure and seeking ownership over its brand messaging, the company recently launched its line of oriental sweets, Petit Gourmet. BMB will launch its second brand in 2016, a line of health-conscious Middle Eastern sweets geared towards the global market.

Endeavor’s International Selection Panel is the culmination of a rigorous selection process, where panels comprised of six top global business leaders interview candidates about their businesses, high-impact leadership potential, positive impact on the ecosystem and timing. For an entrepreneur to be selected, s/he must be voted in unanimously by the panelists.

The entrepreneurs join a pioneering group of high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs who receive targeted services, including membership, access to capital, access to markets, as well as access to talent. For more information on Endeavor UAE or to nominate entrepreneurs, please visit www.endeavoruae.org.

Endeavor will host five other Selection Panels in 2016 in Madrid, Spain (May); Bali, Indonesia (July); Boston, USA (September); Medellín, Colombia (October); and California, USA (December).