Endeavor Logo TealEndeavor UAE is proud to announce that Riath Hamed (Founder of Balqees Honey) and Aly Rahimtoola (Founder of Harmony Cosmetics) were selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs at the 59th International Selection Panel (“ISP”), which was held in Amman, Jordan from June 9th to June 11th. Riath and Aly join Endeavor UAE’s growing portfolio, now composed of fourteen entrepreneurs from 10 companies. The ISP is the last selection stage to the Endeavor process, where the two UAE-based entrepreneurs join a total of 20 high-impact entrepreneurs representing 15 companies from 10 countries, who were also selected at this panel.

Endeavor’s International Selection Panel is the culmination of a rigorous selection process, where panels comprised of six top global business leaders interview candidates about their businesses, high-impact leadership potential, positive impact on the ecosystem and timing. For an entrepreneur to be selected, s/he must be voted in unanimously by the panelists.

HarmonyCosmetics-Aly-LogoHarmony Cosmetics is an all-natural, carcinogen-free UAE-grown beauty company that aims to fill a market gap with its brand Essentials. The brand uses ancient Ayurvedic recipes and Himalayan ingredients to offer its clients high quality, yet affordable, all-natural beauty products. Essentials is currently ranked 8th out of 63 brands sold in Boots UAE (the top 7 are owned by global conglomerates). As the only PETA approved beauty product in MENA, Essentials is differentiating itself from conglomerate brands as a boutique brand that is in tune with consumer concerns.

Balqees-Riath-LogoBalqees Honey offers a caliber of honey that is nearly impossible to buy at your typical supermarket. Balqees increases accessibility to the world’s most exclusive honey by supplying, packaging, and distributing it across the Gulf. Through its 14 retail kiosks, Balqees is bringing a buzz-worthy product to the Gulf States, which imported US$1.6 billion in honey in 2014 alone. It plans to diversify its product offering and expand its network of kiosks in high-end malls to penetrate the luxury hospitality sector in the Gulf.

Endeavor’s board members in the UAE, mentors and staff have been actively engaged with helping high-impact entrepreneurs strive to reach and surpass their supposed potential. Endeavor UAE aims to create a cultural impact on the ecosystem by providing more opportunities and innovation for fledgling entrepreneurs.

Aly and Riath join a pioneering group of high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs who receive targeted services, including membership, access to capital, access to markets, as well as access to talent. For more information on Endeavor UAE or to nominate entrepreneurs, please visit http://www.endeavoruae.org.