Here is what our network has to say

“Endeavor has been fantastic in helping me grow along the way. From introductions to potential clients to potential recruits, from strategic discussions to helping me going through some of the critical issues we face on a day-to-day basis, Endeavor has been always here to help. What is the most striking dealing with Endeavor people is their commitment to the Endeavor goal and their commitment to be “in” with the entrepreneurs. They have been amazing all along the way”

Idriss Al Rifai (Endeavor Entrepreneur)

Founder & CEO, Fetchr

“Endeavor has become an important, almost irreplaceable, resource for me as I try to face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that my business encounters as it grows. The Endeavor community right from the UAE team and mentors to Global members and staff really get what we, as entrepreneurs, are trying to achieve and their support, advice, and mentorship gives an Endeavor Entrepreneur the edge they need to succeed in a complex and interconnected world where decisions and strategies for growth come thick and fast. Knowing I have access to the Endeavor network is comforting and a vital support. I would encourage any entrepreneur with an early stage business to look at Endeavor for support and growth mentorship.”

Aly Rahimtoola (Endeavor Entrepreneur)

Founder & CEO, Harmony Cosmetics

“While entrepreneurs are busy working in the business, Endeavor is a great platform to work on your business along with the greatest minds who are likeminded and fun to work with”

Wadih Haddad (Endeavor Entreprepreneur)

Founder & CEO, The Box

“My journey of how I found Endeavor is just as exciting as the becoming an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

After a few years of operating and growing the business, I was challenged with the next step of growth. I looked for various options of how I can be around people, structures, and advice that can help me. I explored various options from personal coaching to other entrepreneurship networks and unfortunately nothing clicked! After being introduced to Endeavor by a friend and had an opening meeting with the team, I knew this was the answer.

The process of meeting established mentors and getting a fresh and outsiders perspective on the business was not only mentally stimulating but it raised more questions than it solved! That I think is the essence of how Endeavor has helped me, the process has questioned our company at key moments in our journey and provided the support If it was required to make the most educated decision. Coupled with the Advisory board, access to world-class education programs and a global network, it is proving to be a fantastic tool for driving business growth!”

Abhishek Shah (Endeavor Entrepreneur)

CEO, RSA Logistics

“Being a member of Endeavor has been invaluable in terms of the wealth of expertise and advice we have received from notable captains of industry, experts in various business practices, and fellow business owners. The Endeavor network is rich in resources across the globe, and as Endeavor entrepreneurs, we have had priceless access to these. The board that is provided to us has been instrumental in guiding us and helping us to guide our business to achieve the goals that we have set on our own and along with the various mentors and board member we have had the good fortune to work with. From the time that we were inducted to now, one and a half years later, our business has benefitted immensely in terms of organization, cost controls, profitability, human resource efficiency maximization, setting the stage for scalability on a global scale. The Dubai team, who we work with closely, has been hugely supportive and helpful at every juncture. We are so proud to be a member of Endeavor.”

Dipesh Depala (Endeavor Entrepreneur)

Partner, The Qode

“Serving as an Endeavor mentor has been an enriching experience, giving me exposure to inspiring entrepreneurs and fresh, innovative ideas.  It has been a pleasure to share my insight and experiences while helping new businesses navigate challenges.”

Sharmila Murat (Endeavor Mentor)

General Manager UAE, Chalhoub Group Retail

“Every Endeavor mentorship session has been highly inspirational for me as I watch high potential entrepreneurs engage with the strategic planning and execution of their businesses.  I enjoy being able to learn as well as sharing my own knowledge and experiences.”

Rabea Ataya (Endeavor Mentor)

Co-Founder & CEO,

“Engaging and mentoring high-impact entrepreneurs has been very enriching for me. It provides me with unique insights into the wider regional economic environment while reflecting on the polarizing dynamics of strategizing for a scale-up vs. a large established business. Moreover, Endeavor has been a great venue to expand my professional network.”

Amr Goussous (Endeavor Mentor)

Partner, Strategy&

“Endeavor has a profound impact on the regional entrepreneurial community, by:

  • Actively supporting some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs, by providing relevant connections to mentors, partners & investors.
  • Actively supporting some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs, by providing relevant connections to mentors, partners & investors.
  • Exposing mentors and partners to some of the most innovative and successful scale-ups in the region.

I greatly enjoyed being an active Endeavor mentor, and look forward to further supporting our regional entrepreneurs to become some of the most successful businesses of tomorrow!”

Antonio DeGregorio (Endeavor Mentor)

Head of Market Development and Customer Experience, Thomson Reuters